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Who doesn't want whiter, brighter teeth? Discolouration through smoking, drinking red wine, consuming too much coffee, or not brushing often enough can lead to less than pearly whites. However, at Chislehurst Dental Care, we offer the latest in teeth whitening technology and procedures to help give you a more dazzling smile.

We start taking a mould of your teeth to create a custom tray for the whitening gel. the process is known as VITAL NIGHT GUARD BLEACHING and involves wearing your custom tray at home. A full demonstration of use will be given. the process is medically approved and safe for most patients.

How does it work?

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about teeth whitening, either over the phone or in person. Just give us a call today to talk to a member of our friendly team!

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Generally speaking, teeth whitening can be a great treatment for anyone wishing to improve the look of their teeth. However, we like to be thorough and professional, and always consult with you personally before going ahead with any treatment. Why not make an appointment today?

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